“The 300” Backlash

In my last post, an Iranian responded to my blog. I was a bit shocked, quite frankly. If you read his comment, you will see that he takes a rather low view of the movie “300.” He says that Iran is the cradle of culture and that the movie does not describe a historical event. He further says that the movie is racist. Apparently, the country of Iran also reflects the same viewpoint as this gentleman.

First of all, yes the movie is not 100% accurate. While there were only 300 Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae, there were about 5200 total soldiers on their side. The Persian side probably didn’t have 1 million, but more like 100,000. Some estimates are higher than others. Nonetheless, the Greeks were greatly outnumbered.

Second, the movie never mentions the country of Iran. It only calls them Persians. The Persian empire extended over a large area including Iraq, Iran, and other countries. Over the years, basically every nation has been the enemy. Countries like England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Iraq, Russia, Mexico, and some would say even the United States itself has been the enemy at some point in history! Look at Scandinavia, home to many descendants of the Vikings. Do you think Norway, Sweden or Switzerland would be offended if a movie came out about the Vikings? Probably not.

Iran has a victim mentality. They are looking for sympathy, claiming that Hollywood is painting them as bloodthirsty warlords. Granted, I would not put it past the movie industry to make someone out to be villain. But this is ridiculous! They want to be offended. But in reality, with their nuclear ambitions, who is to say that they are not like their ancestors?

I feel no sympathy for Iran in this matter. I do feel sorry for them in that they are oppressed by a cruel dictator and have never known the greatness of freedom. But the movie “300” does describe a true historical event. The Battle of Thermopylae did happen! Just because the Persians were defeated doesn’t mean it did not occur. Face facts, Iran. Learn from your history before you are doomed to repeat it.

2 Responses to “The 300” Backlash

  1. mary says:

    at least we have a story to learn from. I feel sorry for you which your history is not more than 300 years! in 2500 years later you can learn something out of your history too!

  2. Braden says:

    Well I suppose my ancestors just sprung out of the ground 300 years ago. On the contrary, my history goes back as long as yours does! We’re all descendants of Adam, my friend. I’m proud of my history as an American. I’m glad that my ancestors had the guts to stand against oppression, unlike other parts of the world that seem to only perpetuate it. Who knows? I may be descended from those Spartans that defeated your ancestors 2500 years ago. If I’ve learned anything from my history, my ancestry, it’s that we have always fought for freedom. What have you learned from yours?

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