The Growing Threat of Islamic….beliefs?

Ever heard of the Satanic Verses? When you hear that, chances are that you automatically think of something literally satanic or evil, possibly something written by Anton LeVay. However, I assure you that Satanic Verses is not anti-Christian. It is a novel by Salman Rushdie. The book references a series of known as the “satanic verses” that were thought by many to be part of the original Quran. Supposedly, these verses were written by Muhammad when he was under the influence of Shaitan (or Satan).

Sounds like a Islamic version of The Da Vinci Code, doesn’t it? Let’s look at some of the reactions to book from Islamic leaders. In 1989, the Ayatollah of Iran issued the following statement concerning the book, “I inform the proud Muslim people of the world that the author of the Satanic Verses book, which is against Islam, the Prophet and the Qur’an, and all those involved in its publication who are aware of its content are sentenced to death.” So, in breaking down that comment, Salman Rushdie, the publishing company, and everyone that is aware of the content of the book is sentenced to death. Wouldn’t that also include the Ayatollah for knowing what the book contained? Such ignorance!

Fast-forward to today when Rushdie is to be knighted by the Queen of England. Mohammed Ijaz ul-Haq, religious affairs minister of Iran, said “the West is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologizes and withdraws the ‘sir’ title.” Darn that West! How dare they accuse Muslims of extremism and terrorism! I suppose exploding a bomb on Salman Rushdie’s body would not be extreme or an act of terrorism in the least.

But back to what I was saying about The Da Vinci Code, it’s obvious that Christians around the world condemned the book and everybody had their own way of refuting the concepts it was based on. However, did anyone threaten to explode a bomb on Dan Brown’s body? Not that I know of.

Of all the major religions in the world today, Islam is easily the most violent. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear the news of a suicide bomber or trouble in Gaza, Palestinians attacking Israel, etc. Men, women, and even children are commanded to be involved in jihad against the infidel. Who is the infidel? If you’re not a Muslim, it’s you! It’s me!

Now, I know there are moderate Muslims out there who live non-violent, decent, moral lives. But what I want to know is, when these “extreme Muslims” are spewing intolerance and hate speech, why aren’t they on the front lines condemning them?
Christianity is vastly different from Islam. The Bible never teaches us to attack those persecute us. Instead, we are taught to pray for those who persecute us. Christianity is about love and serving others. Islam is about loving Muslims and serving Muslims.

The West (i.e. everybody on the left side of the Middle East) must understand the danger of Islam. I fear that failing to do so could result in harm to the West. And we, as Christians all over the world should continue to try to reach Muslims with the truth of the gospel.

4 Responses to The Growing Threat of Islamic….beliefs?

  1. Scott says:

    Excellent. I’d like to hear more of a report on the Satanic Verses.

  2. Scott says:

    Here is a little bit more about the Satanic Verses at .

  3. […] anyone who opposes Islam and its demand for complete submission. Terrorism, death threats against Salman Rushdie, and capital punishment for those who convert from Islam are not extreme deviations or perversions […]

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