The Case for a Romney Victory

I’ll be honest, from the outset, Mitt Romney made me nervous. Having studied the Mormon religion and discussed it with actual Mormons, the prospect of a Mormon President seemed a bit dismal to me, even if he was a Republican.

But I got past that. I considered the fact that no President in the past 100 years had ever been someone I could find a substantial amount of common ground on religiously. Plus, I know that Mormons are generally wholesome, moral people. Their family lives are almost unparalleled even among many evangelical denominations. Romney’s case is certainly no different. What I had thought was a disadvantage for Mitt Romney had become an unusual advantage. I guess I had flip-flopped.

The “Mormon Thing”

In addition, I came across a quote from Romney’s former opponent Ted Kennedy having been asked about the potential drawback of Romney’s religion. Kennedy said, “We’ve moved on. That died with my brother Jack.” He was highlighting the fact that many Americans were uneasy about the prospect of a Catholic President in his brother John F. Kennedy. In fact, I think there is some degree of similarity between Catholicism and Mormonism. But that’s certainly a different topic altogether. However, I think Ted Kennedy’s point still remains: with certain exceptions, America is past judging candidates on the basis of how odd their religion is.

His Experience

With religion aside, let’s look at who Romney is as a leader. His political experience is most notably his time as governor of Massachussetts. In arguably the most Democratic state in America, he was able to balance the budget four years straight without raising taxes. That’s an undeniably impressive task for anyone. It’s not only impressive that he won as a Republican, but that he was successful while in office.

Delving further into Romney’s history, we could look at his experience at Bain Capital, the company responsible for the success of businesses like Staples, Domino’s Pizza, Brookstone, Sealy, and Sports Authority.

We could even examine how Romney took a projected $397 million deficit with the scandal-ridden 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and turned it into a $56 million surplus by the end of the event.

If his experience alone doesn’t qualify Romney’s candidacy for you, let’s look at his stances.

His Stances

Mitt Romney is pro-life. Now before I hear the words “flip-flop” from you, let’s examine this stance a bit further. In numerous accounts (even back in 1994), Romney has always claimed to be personally pro-life. That means that Romney opposes the action of abortion on a moral level and he always has. However, at one time, he was not opposed to women having the legal right to do so. Basically you could take Giuliani’s current stance and add personal moral opposition, and that’s Romney’s stance prior to 2004. But since then, Romney has admittedly changed his mind.

While many would quickly point to political motive, I’d urge you to examine the history of the acclaimed GOP icon Ronald Reagan, along with former President George H.W. Bush. They both had similar stances to Romney in their political histories regarding abortion. And shall I even mention such Democratic figures as Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Jesse Jackson? I could go on, but I think that would be unnecessary. For whatever reason, the stances of politicians change. Call it a matter of political opportunity or a genuine change of heart. It just happens.

Many have also criticized Romney’s support of homosexuality. But if you look into his record, you’ll notice that Romney advocated an amendment in Massachussetts that would mandate that marriage would exclusively be the union of a man and woman.

He opposed state funding of stem cell research. He passed a successful healthcare plan (quite unusual for most Republicans). He opposed the failed McCain-Kennedy immigration plan. He cut spending. He supported the Bush tax cuts. What more can a conservative want out of him?

His Chances

A recent LA Times poll has found that Romney is the favorite among Republican party insiders. This doesn’t seem to be all that unusual considering that John McCain has fought against the party all too often and Rudy Giuliani holds views that aren’t in harmony with the party platform. 

In March, Romney was found to be the first choice among conservatives at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Conservative news magazine has referred to Romney as “The Reagan Candidate.” That’s quite an endorsement for someone whose conservative credentials have been called into question.

It seems that Romney has been successful in connecting with the conservative base of the Republican party, a key objective in winning the nomination.

If you have watched any of the 2008 Republican Presidential debates so far, you’d most likely be convinced that Romney was the clear winner. And organizations like the Politico, Fox News, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough have typically agreed. He’s easily the most polished, eloquent candidate in the entire crowd. It’s obvious that he can hold his own in any political discussion.

While many nationwide popularity polls have him below Giuliani and Fred Thompson, he is leading the pack in early primary states, an integral part of his strategy. You see, Romney’s game plan involves planning for victories in the early primary elections to create momentum that will carry him to the nomination. I personally see this as a very wise strategy that will inevitably pay off.

Will he win?

Mitt Romney seems to have every qualification necessary to become the 44th President of the United States. He has the conservative stances that reflect the nature of the Republican party. He’s got that Reaganesque appeal, that optimism that so many people in America reminisce about. 

Will Romney prevail in 2008? Only time will tell….

10 Responses to The Case for a Romney Victory

  1. Hava Lyon says:

    Great analysis! I agree with you 100% on your reasons to vote for Romney. If we manage to get Romney as our next president, I think that will do some pretty amazing things for our country as a whole.



  2. Thanks so much for your candor. It’s good to see people coming around the Romney. I appreciate the fact that you were willing to reanalyze your thoughts on the Mormon issue. I’m going to add your blog to my rotation of reading. Although the rotation goes VERY slow at times.

    Thanks again!

    Ann Marie Curling

  3. mdvp says:

    I still prefer Fred.

    “In fact, I think there is some degree of similarity between Catholicism and Mormonism.”


  4. josh says:

    hey man. i dont know much about romney, but hopefully the US will pick someone good nexxt year.

    on my blog you asked about clustrmaps. you just have to go to . when it asks you to insert the plugin on ur site, u have to put it in a wordpress widget. just put it in as a link.

  5. Braden says:

    Well mdvp, I know it sounds crazy to link Catholicism and Mormonism, but interestingly enough, it can be done. Both believe that you can’t interpret the Bible correctly on your own. Both believe in some type of large non-Biblical human hierarchy here on Earth. Both believe that their main leaders are infallible on issues of faith and morals. Both add extra books to the Bible. Both have very turbulent and sometimes embarassing histories. I could keep going if you want…

  6. I think you’ve listed a lot of good reasons to support Romney. When I look at the guy, I see someone who is incredibly smart – almost too smart to be in politics. He exudes competence. What a breath of fresh air that would be after this administration.

    I do like Fred – but he would, in no way, transform Washington D.C. the way Romney would. I’d just like to see Mitt deconstruct the federal government the way he has numerous Fortune 500 businesses and the SLC Olympics.

    As for the comparison between Mormonism and Catholicism – both religions do claim to be the exclusive “true” church as was founded by Christ. Both are also heirachical, fairly conservative, and have extra-Biblical scripture. Both have also been the target of relentless religious bigotry in this country. So, some comparisons can be made – but religious doctrine varries wildly between the two.

    Perhaps the strongest argument agaisnt religious-based electoral preferences is the fact that the Founding Fathers specifically prohibited a “religious test” for any candidate for office (Art. VI). Some out there are actually not going to vote for Romney just because of the church he goes to. This is, aside from religious bigotry, a religious test – and it would abhor the Founders.

  7. Braden says:

    PR, you are exactly right. Romney is easily the most competent out of all the candidates, Republican or Democrat. The man has a record that proves his abilities. I think it’s just silly that anyone would point to his religion as an excuse for not voting for him.

  8. politicaloutcast says:

    Religion is not a reason that I will not vote for him (at least in the primaries, I’ll hold my nose for him in the general assuming he gets there). Romney’s ‘evolving views’ reek of nothing but political opportunism. Look at his history. Is it a coincidence that he evolved into being pro-life a little over a year before he decides to run for president? Look at the 1994 U.S. Senate race against Kennedy when he said that ‘he would be better for Roe vs. Wade than Ted”. Look at his half-hearted views on the domestic partnerships, when he originally supported them, now opposes them.

    I may not like some of Rudy’s views, but at least he is willing to stand by principle.

  9. Braden says:

    Rudy’s no angel either. He’s been known to flip-flop in his career too (he used to be a Democrat). I addressed in the post the fact that all politicians change positions for whatever reason. Romney definitely has a anti gay marriage record. As far as abortion, he’s standing on basically the same principles as Giuliani except he’s always been morally opposed, which Giuliani is not. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. And if there was, he wouldn’t win. That’s the unfortunate truth of the matter.

  10. Brock says:

    Agree. I’ve been watching Romney since he announced, and I like what I’m seeing. I could tell Fred Thompson’s snail’s pace toe by toe testing of the waters on myriad Sean Hannity programs would do him in, and Romney’s the one benefitting from the fall of Fred, which is happening now. I actually think Fred’s done a disservice to all the Republicans by his indecisive, on the fence procrastinating that surely has kept dollars on the sidelines waiting to see what he has to offer when they otherwise would’ve gone to other candidates by now.

    Mitt’s got far more substance than Fred anyhow. Mitt has far more substance than everyone, including the Democrats. We have a guy who was a Republican elected in Mass., who not only erased their $3B deficit, balanced the budget, earned a surplus of $1B, but also passed a healthcare coverage plan to get all of the state’s citizens insured, all without raising taxes. This fact alone is all the substance anyone needs to get nominated, even elected. Especially when you have all of the top 3 Democrat candidates running on massive government healthcare programs that must raise taxes. Having Romney as the Republican candidate would shred all their rhetoric since he’s the one candidate who has actually solved this problem the Democrats have droned on about for so long. This will help him appeal to moderates as well as democrats or liberals even while not losing conservative support.

    What will also help him appeal to moderates and dems or liberals is his advocacy of tax relief for middle income Americans. As well as locking in the current, insane rates that have a bogus expiration date, Mitt wants to rid government taxation for the middle class when they invest and save. I know many voters don’t care about taxes as an issue, but it certainly is now more than ever since for the first time really ever competition from overseas is getting serious as global tax rates fall, as everyone is coming closer to the American model. We have all the Democrats openly running on raising taxes.

    After careful, patient due diligence on all the candidates, I’ve decided Romney is the candidate I support and the one Republicans should seriously consider based on his record of successfully turning crisis state after crisis state into efficient, thriving realities, be it business enterprises, state governments, or the Olympic games. The guy’s a winner, he thrives on making things more efficient, getting things done. He just doesn’t lose when he’s in control.

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