Fred Thompson’s Abortion Record

Lately, good old Senator “Right Said Fred” Thompson is facing an unusual amount of criticism for a non-candidate due to his alleged lobbying for a pro-choice organization back in 1991. Thompson has claimed to not recall any such lobbying, and his spokesman has said that even if he did, it wouldn’t be unusual for a lobbyist like himself to “give advice to colleagues for clients with whom they personally disagree.”

Whether this story has caused you to question Thompson’s conservative pro-life credentials or not, I thought it’d be good to look at his record to see how he actually handles the issue as a Senator.

Concerning abortion, his Senate record is virtually flawless. Regardless of what people are saying about his agenda, I believe that his votes speak for themselves.

I’m not even an avid Thompson supporter (yet). But I really don’t believe that Thompson, according to his record, is anything but pro-life.

3 Responses to Fred Thompson’s Abortion Record

  1. Fred Thompson was certainly pro-choice when he was a lobbyist and when he ran for the Senate – I have a video of him during a Senate debate somewhere on my sayng he wouldn’t “criminalize” abortion. So, he’s changed his mind – big deal. What bothers me is that Fred’s campaign lied about his abortion lobbying when the story first appeared in the LA Times. The cover up is almost always worse than the crime. Another thing that bothers me is how so many conservatives castigated Mitt Romney for changing abortion positions then essentially ignored it when Fred did the same.

  2. Braden says:

    Well if Fred was once as you say, pro-choice, then his Senate record PROVES that he changed his mind. I think Romney’s the same way. So you’re exactly right. If we don’t question Fred changing his mind, why Romney? But nonetheless, Thompson’s definitely got pro-life credentials that are indisputable based on his record.

  3. abortion, the issue that takes our mind off what really matters…Fred is getting hit on a lot of things right now, but abortion always seems to be the one that sticks when you toss it against the wall.

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