Kanye West is Crazy.

I’d just like to make a Public Service Announcement: Kanye West is crazy. Of course, to many of you that may come like a tornado siren when you can see an infamous funnel cloud outside your window.

Let’s give the man his due. He’s a very popular musician and producer. Some might even say he’s talented. The guy makes beats that take all of maybe an hour at most to make and then sells them like they’re 22 inch platinum (real platinum, that is) to rappers who have more money than they know what to do with. As silly as that sounds, it’s incredibly lucrative.

But when he opens to mouth for the purpose of something other than rapping on one of his hit albums, it seems that only complete nonsense comes out!

In 2004, it was walking out of the AMA’s after not winning any awards. You can read his whining verbal response here

Then, it was “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” speaking in reference to FEMA’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina. Oh that makes perfect sense, Kanye. Our “evil” president in all of his cruelty, knowing that Katrina victims were only African Americans (FALSE!), decided to purposely slow down FEMA’s response so he could take revenge on the people that didn’t vote for him. That’s not even intelligent political rhetoric, even for a liberal! That’s utterly ridiculous and totally irrational.

In 2005, he warned everyone that if he didn’t win Album of the Year, he was going to have a problem. I guess no one else’s album was worthy of comparison to his illustrious Late Registration album.

Fast-forward to the European MTV Awards. He rushes the stage and goes nuts when he doesn’t win the award for “Best Video.” It’s Europe, Kanye. What do you expect? Have you considered that they may actually have stars of their own over there?

Then, compounding his tragic loss at the European MTV Awards, he lost again this year at the American VMA’s. Now, he vows never to return to MTV. I can ‘t say I’d blame him for that in and of itself considering how MTV has completely abandoned its original purpose. But his rationale was severely lacking. And on top of that, he blames MTV for Britney’s awful opening performance, claiming that he should have opened the show himself.

What he doesn’t realize is that outside of his fans, nobody cares. There’s no point in attempting to spurn MTV; they’re his bread and butter. He’s an arrogant, out of touch, irrational, irrelevant, and self-absorbed popstar.

Poor Kanye, we all feel so sorry for you right now. Just keep making your unacclaimed yet platinum-selling records. And in the words of your esteemed colleague Justin Timberlake, “cry me a river.”


4 Responses to Kanye West is Crazy.

  1. Gordy! says:

    Got em’! You’re right, Braden. Kanye is freaking crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love to listen to the guy, vut at the same time he Is pretty freaking arrogant.
    The “cry me a river” line was awesome.

  2. Gordy! says:

    (sometimes “vut” means “but)

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