Hey Hillary! If You Can’t Take the Heat, Get out of the Race!

I never thought I’d see the day when a major network (other than Fox) would give Hillary a tough time. Is there some type of weird tension between her and Tim Russert? Who knows?

So now it seems like everyone is saying that Hillary is going to play the “gender card,” claiming that every man in the race (Republican and Democrat), along with the news media of all people, is ganging up on the only poor defenseless woman in the race. This is an interesting strategy to say the least, but I personally think it’s a little pathetic.

This is the arena of Presidential politics. It’s not friendly. It’s not easy. It’s not all glam and softball questions. Hillary knows that…or at least she should.

So I don’t buy this whole “Little Red Riding Hood” idea where Hillary is naively prancing towards a “hard-earned” victory only to be attacked by the “Big Bad Wolf” of fellow contenders. She may think this will endear her to women voters, but I don’t think it will work other than being an excuse for women who were going to vote for her anyway.

If Hillary can’t take some jabs from her future running mate (Obama), she should have gotten out of this race a long time ago. But I like to think she’s a little more tenacious than her campaign is giving her credit for.

Hillary is tough enough to handle herself. Just ask Dick Morris or better yet….Vince Foster.

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