New Hampshire: The Last Hope for Conservatism in 2008

Needless to say, I was dismayed at the results of Iowa last night. I think when it really came down to it, evangelicals felt like they had to vote for someone who shared their exact religious beliefs. After all, who wants to vote against a “pastor” who claims to be a “Christian Leader?”

Mike Huckabee is not a well-rounded conservative. Many people in Arkansas believe that as governor, he ruined the conservative movement. And now, many across the nation feel that Huckabee’s victory in Iowa has been a major step backward for conservatism nationwide. He’s a fiscal liberal. When it comes to foreign policy, he is utterly clueless. Besides social issues, there’s little difference between him and most Democrats. He must not win this nomination.

 If John McCain wins Iowa, it will help Huckabee in South Carolina and in other states. It could even help Rudy Giuliani in Florida. McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts. He wants to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. He must not be allowed take New Hampshire.

Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee are what I like to call fracture candidates. They are not well-rounded conservatives. Instead they have pieces of conservativism that fracture the wide conservative base of Defense Conservatives (DefCons), Social Conservatives (SoCons), Evangelicals, Fiscal Conservatives (FisCons) and Moderates. Rudy appeals to fiscal conservatives and defense conservatives. McCain appeals to moderates and independents. Mike Huckabee appeals to social conservatives and evangelicals.

 There are only two whole conservatives in this race: Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson. Both appeal to the entire base, capturing what is known as the Reagan Coalition. They appeal to the variety of conservatives across the base. Keeping this base intact is the only way to win in 2008.

A stand must be made in New Hampshire for conservativism. There, voters must choose a candidate that reflects the wide range of principles the Republican party stands for. If not, I fear that we are headed towards defeat in 2008.

7 Responses to New Hampshire: The Last Hope for Conservatism in 2008

  1. underdog says:

    History lesson (obituary) for the repulican party:

    9/12/2001 – The day after. The day that never ends.
    The manipulation and Hannitization, Rushification, Levin(great one)ization – fearmongering, hate bating, democrat ball busting, evil doers unending war aginst the evil islamofacist empire of doom – mantra…whew…..

    The once proud and optimistic party of the Gipper -reduced by nuckle dragging, nuttering nabalm, neandrethals of right wing talk radio and the in(un)famous bloggospheric forth reich… UGGGGG!!!!

    We have slit our own throats. Digesting FEAR and hatred of Hillary for nearly 8 years, a regurgitated diet of blasphamous crap spewed unending into the airwaves and internet pages of America.

    We now have taken to devouring one another, burning at the stake the 11th commandment, throwing the Christians into the lions den, and swinging gladitor swords of NEOCON riteiousness to behead the infadels and the moonbats.

    By the time the convention rolls around the blood will be knee deep, and there will be no republican party to vote for the blood stained, scar ridden corpse that rises to the podium to make an acceptance speech.

    The Ghost of the Gipper – crying softly in the corner – held at bay by the dark light saber of the evil lord Darth Cheney…..

    all is lost!

  2. Braden says:

    That’s…wow…that’s a pretty violent and bleak future you got there. I’m guessing you’re a Paultard?

  3. underdog says:

    nope a Reaganite. Voted for him twice. thank you.

    keep the faith. it will take a couple of election cycles to de-Hannitize the party … but hopefully we will get there.

  4. Braden says:

    I’m all for Reaganites. I’m not a neocon and I love what Reagan did for this country. But I don’t believe that we should look forward to some type of purging by punishment from a Democratic victory in 2008. I think Mitt Romney is about as close to Ronald Reagan as we’re going to get this year.

  5. Jay says:

    I liked Romney at first, but he absolutley flip flops.

    He panders.

    He says anything that might get him a few more supporters and he tops it all off with a ton of negative truth-stretching political ads. I liked him much better when he is more optimistic and sincere.

    Plus, he has had to write his own multi-million dollar checks to keep up the impression that he has a strong support base.

    I’m just not comfortable with Mitt.

  6. Braden says:

    Okay, he has changed his positions on a few issues, yes. But as I understand it, flip-flopping implies that you change your position and then change back. To my knowledge, Romney has never done this. Can you name one time when he did that?

    I don’t know of any time when his ads have stretched the truth. I know he has written checks for his own campaign. I don’t really think that’s unethical though. Do you?

  7. Jay says:

    As far as changing back, that’s exactly what I’m concerned he’ll do once elected if elected.

    Romney clearly won the Fox News debate tonight so this race is getting very interesting in NH. I like McCain, but I’d vote for Romney if I had to.

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