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As a graduate of Faulkner University where he majored in Business Information Systems and Vocational Christian Ministry, Braden Pace defines himself as a Christian, a political conservative, and an independent Republican.

As a Christian, although often intrigued by many of the ideas espoused by mainline Christendom, he believes in restoring original New Testament Christianity by basing his beliefs on the Bible.

Politically, he is a conservative who agrees with the Republican platform. He believes in lower taxes, less government, the elimination of abortion as a legal practice, a strong and competitive economy, traditional marriage, and peace through a strong defense.


7 Responses to About Me

  1. mdvp says:

    Hey Braden, I saw your comment on my blog and thought I’d stop by. I like the blog, I’m sure I’ll be back.

  2. sarah says:

    I second mdvp’s comment. 🙂

  3. johnkaniecki says:

    Dear Braden,

    I saw your comments on Healtheland and I thought I’d check out your sight. I suspectd you affiliation with the Church of Christ. I am presently a member of the Whippany Church of Christ in New Jersey. Unfortunately the Church of Christ and Christianity in gerneral is so varied that this information about yourself really tells me nothing.

    Sadly too many people put America before Jesus. I find the problem is not knowing scripture but understanding scripture.

    I encourage your opinions in the free exchange of ideas.




  4. Braden says:

    You are correct. I am a member of the Church of Christ. The one in Acts 2.

  5. Carbon14 says:

    Hey, Braden! (Is that your first/last name??)

    I love your comments about Ron Paul’s voting record and your cool, calm response to one of his “special” followers that went berserk in that blog. We need a Prez with that kind of demeanor and level-headed approach to managing our once-great country.

    BTW, I’m a member of that same church, bro.

    Rock on!!!


  6. Hi, My name is Michael Hichborn, media director for American Life League. I am currently seeking out pro-life bloggers willing to post our video reports and media updates.
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  7. Paul Spite says:


    Carbon emissions have no discernable effect on climate, but our gullibility nets promoters of this “crisis” billions per year. Meanwhile they change nothing of their own lifestyles, though they also live on the planet they claim we are destroying. Claiming to want to save us from our folly, they seek to strip away our freedoms while destroying our economy. While the climate itself mocks their so-called linkages, and our economy is already on the edge of collapse, a Democratic Congress is still pushing for carbon cap legislation. What will it take to bring this farce to an end?

    Your website leads me to believe we share the concerns about this attempt to sell out our country for profit and power. Would you help me promote a book I have written examining this hoax? It is intended to make readers angry over being played for patsies. If enough people read it, it would create a public backlash against that legislation, but through my own efforts, I have been unable to sufficiently publicize this work. Would you also pass this e-mail on to all your peers you think might agree and help?

    The book is entitled “A Climate Crisis a la Gore” and is organized as follows:

    • Introduction – the motivation behind the assembly of this information for public use.
    • Part 1 – Excerpted ideas from Mr. Gore’s book, The Assault on Reason. regarding the proper and reasonable way to enter an argument or evidence are used to critique his film, where apparently he used all the assault techniques he claims to deplore
    • Part 2 – A claim by claim analysis of Mr. Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. These are evaluated with simple logic, claims elsewhere in the documentary; Mr. Gore’s excerpted written principles of reasoning, and scientific research and findings regarding the subjects of his claims.
    • Part 3 – A rather cynical discussion and disclosure of players and special interest groups creating the perception of a global climate crisis. The history of the movement is examined, motives behind involvement, dollar amounts of profit already being reaped by promoters, and what they stand to gain if America enacts carbon legislation.
    • Conclusion – The coming economic storm resulting from enacting this legislation and a plea to readers to contact legislators demanding such laws be reconsidered.

    Excerpts can be reviewed and the book ordered at Amazon.com by entering the title, ISBN# (978-1-4196-8684-9) or by following the link http://www.amazon.com/Climate-Crisis-Gore-perception-warming/dp/1419686844/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1202424474&sr=8-1 If you are willing to inform your readers of its contents and availability, an informed (and angry) population of voters might be a real, and maybe the only, check and balance system capable of stopping Congress.


    Paul Spite

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